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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />OCDSB 017 May 2013 <br />APPROPRIATE USE OF TECHNOLOGY AGREEMENT <br />PRIMARY STUDENTS (KINDERGARTEN TO GRADE 3) <br />(References: OCDSB Policy P.100.IT Appropriate Use of Technology and <br />Procedure PR.622.IT Appropriate Use of Technology) <br /> <br />At the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) we believe in digital citizenship and the use of <br />technology to enhance learning and to support the work environment. <br /> <br />Technology means computers, cell phones, the internet or other electronic devices. In some <br />classrooms and schools, we refer to technology by their brand names (iPads, iPods, Smartboards), <br />while at other times we may refer to the technology by type (Notebook Computer, Laptop Computer, <br />Tablet). <br /> <br /> <br />I AM LEARNING: <br /> <br />Student’s <br />Initials <br />Parent/ <br />Guardian’s <br />Initials <br />That it is important to keep m y personal information to myself when I <br />use technology. <br /> <br />That it is important to be nice to others when on the internet. <br />That it is important to use technology at school for learning. <br />That it is important to use the computer or other technology in the way <br />my teacher has asked me to. <br /> <br />That it is important that I store my personal device in a safe place when <br />not in use. <br /> <br />That I know that I can ask my teacher or an adult if: <br /> I need help <br /> I am not sure what websites I can look at while at school <br /> If I see pictures or words on websites that seem hurtful to others <br /> Someone writes something that makes me feel uncomfortable <br /> <br /> <br />I know that using computers or technology at school means that people trust me. I know that I may <br />have to earn back this trust if I don’t follow the rules set at school. <br /> <br />Student’s Name Student’s Signature <br /> <br />Parent/Guardian Permission <br />I agree to allow my child to use the technology resources of the Ottawa -Carleton District School <br />Board. <br />I have discussed appropriate use with h er/him. <br /> <br />Parent/Guardian Signature Date <br /> <br /> <br />