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OCDSB 657 (June 2017)Page of <br />OCDSB 657: AUTHORIZATION TO TRANSPORT STUDENTS <br />PARTICIPATING IN SCHOOL EVENTS <br />THIS FORM MUST BE SIGNED BY THE OWNER OF THE VEHICLE, THE DRIVER OF THE VEHICLE, THE <br />PARENT/GUARDIAN (IF THE DRIVER IS A STUDENT), AND BY THE PRINCIPAL OF THE SCHOOL. <br />1. Declaration to be signed by the owner of the vehicle <br />Date <br /> I will inform the school of any changes in the vehicle information or its liability insurance. <br />I will provide the OCDSB with prompt written notice, with particulars, of any accident arising out <br />of the use of a my vehicle during the above-mentioned excursion; and <br />I am aware that the cost of any insurance deductible, or premium adjustment as the result of an <br />accident while the vehicle is being used on board-related business, is NOT covered by the <br />OCDSB's Excess Automobile Liability insurance; <br />I am aware that the OCDSB's Excess Automobile Liability insurance comes into effect only after <br />my insurance has been exhausted; <br />The vehicle listed herby carries a minimum of $ 1 million of third-party automobile liability <br />insurance, as recommended by the board; <br />The vehicle listed hereby carries a valid automobile third-party liability insurance, as required <br />under Ontario legislation; <br />The vehicle listed hereby has appropriate car/booster seats for each child under the age of 8 or <br />between 18-36 kg and a standing height less than 145 cm; <br />The vehicle listed hereby has seat belts in working condition for all passengers; <br />The vehicle listed hereby is mechanically fit; <br />Signature <br />I, <br />vehicle,, will transport students participating <br />in school excursion:, dated <br />I declare that: (please read and check off every bullet) <br />, declare that my <br />. <br />A "Trip Driver" is defined as any person authorized by the OCDSB who has agreed to be driver for a certain excursion while he/she is <br />driving their own or another licensed automobile. A "Trip Driver" could be a trustee, an employee, a teacher, a student, a parent, a <br />volunteer, or an official of the OCDSB. <br />I,, declare that I hold an unrestricted driver's <br />2. Declaration to be signed by the driver of the vehicle