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OCDSB 646 Corporate Records (September 2017) Page 1 <br />REQUEST FOR ONTARIO STUDENT ACADEMIC RECORDS <br />(Reference: Procedure PR.646.SCO) <br />Note: For use ONLY by students who attend or last attended an <br />Ottawa-Carleton District School <br />(or former Ottawa or Carleton Public School) <br />Please submit this completed form to the last secondary school attended or, if permanently closed, to <br />Corporate Records, 133 Greenbank Road, Ottawa, ON K2H 6L3. Government-issued photo <br />identification (Driver’s License/Health Card/Passport) is required. <br />If the request is made by mail, fax or email, a copy of the applicant’s photo identification must be sent <br />with this form to the last school attended. See the school’s website: School Contact Information. <br />If the school is permanently closed, send to Corporate Records: If the <br />applicant designates another individual to pick up the requested documents (see Section D), the individual must present photo identification at the time of pick-up. <br />See Section E for forms of payment accepted. <br />A. APPLICANT INFORMATION (To be completed by applicant) <br />Date of Request: Last Grade Completed: Year Completed: <br />Last School Attended: <br />Last Name or Family Name while in school: First Name: Other Names Used: <br />Date of Birth (M/D/Y): Telephone No.: Email: <br />B. DOCUMENTS REQUESTED (To be completed by applicant) <br /> ONTARIO STUDENT TRANSCRIPT (OST) <br />Within one year of leaving the school, two OSTs <br />are issued free of charge. Subsequent copies <br />are $5.00 each. <br />No. <br />Requested <br />Fee: <br />Students who have been away from <br />their school for more than one year <br />will be charged $24.00 for the first <br />copy and $5.00 for each additional copy. <br /> DUPLICATE DIPLOMA Fee: $24.00 <br />LEGAL REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION ($25.00) <br />EDUCATION VERIFICATION ($25.00) <br />LETTER OF ATTESTATION ($25.00) <br />Fee: $25.00 <br />Specify subject matter of letter: <br /> ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGLISH INSTRUCTION IN QUEBEC ($25.00) <br />(All forms to be completed by Corporate Records-133 Greenbank Rd., Ottawa) <br />Fee: $25.00 <br /> PHOTOCOPIES / MICROFICHE COPIES (20 CENTS/PAGE) No. of Pages: Fee: <br /> CERTIFICATE OF FRENCH IMMERSION Fee: $25.00