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OCDSB 906 CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY <br />Participant Copy <br />Students and Parents, <br />Please read carefully the Cancellation and Refund Policy outlined below. Keep this <br />copy for your records. Sign the attached School Copy, and return it to the Lead Trip <br />Supervisor by the date indicated on your final acceptance letter. <br />Policy: <br /> When a student is accepted to participate in the field trip or student group exchange, <br />they will be asked to complete a final confirmation of participation. Once this is done, <br />all cheques are no longer refundable. <br />If a student changes their mind any time after being accepted and completing a final <br />confirmation of participation, and decides not to participate in the trip or exchange, all <br />cheques submitted to date will be forfeited. <br />If a student has to be removed from the list of participants by the school <br />Administration after having initially been accepted, all cheques submitted to date will <br />be forfeited. <br /> Every effort will be made to provide a one to one exchange experience for our <br />students and for those of our partner school in <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />, Unfortunately, <br />unforeseen circumstances may require us to alter original billeting arrangements. <br />Should this become necessary, it will be the responsibility of (name of the host <br />school)administration to provide acceptable <br />alternate arrangements for (name of OCDSB school) <br />students while they are visiting . We have every <br />confidence that both schools will be able to make suitable alternate arrangements <br />should the need arise. <br />If a student changes their mind, and decides not to participate in the exchange <br />because billeting arrangements must be altered, all cheques submitted to date will be <br />forfeited. <br /> Students will purchase travel insurance as part of the exchange program. If a student <br />is unable to travel to or to participate in any aspect of the <br />trip for medical or emergency reasons, it will be the responsibility of the student and <br />his/her parents to obtain reimbursement from the insurance company for monies <br />paid. The Administration of (name of OCDSB school) <br />will endeavour to help, wherever possible, with this process.