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/  OCDSB 905 Parental Consent for Overnight Trip Participation Form   NOTE: A completed, signed copy of this form must be provided to the parent/guardian or student if over the <br />age of 18 years in advance of the overnight field trip or student exchange. Overnight Trip Information Name of School:   Description of Activities:   Supervisor(s):    Elements <br />of Risk: Overnight Field Trips may present various elements of risk, as may various forms of related transportation including air flight. Accidents related to such activities may occur <br />and cause injury to a student or students through no fault of the school board, a transporter or of a facility at which activities take place. By choosing to have your child participate <br />in this activity, you are assuming the risk of an accident occurring. The chance of an accident occurring can be reduced when students carefully follow instructions at all times while <br />engaged in the activity. In addition to inherent transportation risks, unforeseeable political unrest and disasters may occur. The potential risks in this trip are: a)   b)   c)    The <br />Ottawa-Carleton District School Board does not provide any accidental death, disability, dismemberment or medical expense insurance on behalf of students participating in this activity.