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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />OCDSB 019 May 2013 <br />APPROPRIATE USE OF TECHNOLOGY AGREEMENT <br />INTERMEDIATE/SENIOR STUDENTS (GRADE 7 TO GRADE 12) <br />(References: OCDSB Policy P.100.IT Appropriate Use of Technology and <br />Procedure PR.622.IT Appropriate Use of Technology) <br /> <br />The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) recognizes the benefits that technology <br />can bring to support student learning, staff development, communication with stakeholders, <br />and other administrative and operational activities aligned with the core business functions of <br />the OCDSB. <br /> <br />The OCDSB supports and encourages responsible use of technology through the following nine <br />principles of Digital Citizenship: Digital Access, Digital Commerce, Digital Communication, Digital <br />Literacy, Digital Etiquette, Digital Law, Digital Rights and Responsibilities, Digital Health and <br />Wellness, and Digital Security. Users who are given access to the District’s technology, its <br />electronic devices, or who use their own technology or personal electronic devices in the District’s <br />learning or work environment, whether connected to the District or non-District networks, are <br />required to know and abide by the Policy P.100.IT Appropriate Use of Technology in order to <br />ensure that all technology is being used in a safe, legal, and responsible manner. <br /> <br />Technology refers to electronic content, data, communication, and equipment. <br /> <br />I Agree That: <br /> <br />Student’s <br />Initials <br />Parent’s/ <br />Guardian’s <br />Initials <br />I understand that the sharing of personal information without consent is <br />wrong and can have consequences both in school and outside of school. <br />Personal information includes: name, telephone number, address, <br />passwords, images or videos. <br /> <br />I agree that I will not use the OCDSB’s system to share personal <br />information without consent. <br /> <br />I will access only my personal files and acknowledge that accessing the <br />files of others or the OCDSB network is not appropriate. <br /> <br />I will use technology at school for learning and will be responsible for my <br />behaviour while using technology. I will not harass, insult, or attack <br />others. Appropriate language must be used over the network at all times. <br /> <br />I understand the security, care and maintenance of my personal device <br />is my responsibility. I will securely store my device when not in use. <br /> <br />I will not use technology for transmitting or viewing any material in <br />violation of legislation, regulations, OCDSB policy or procedure including <br />copyrighted, threatening, or obscene material. Sending or receiving <br />offensive messages or pictures from any source will result in immediate <br />suspension of privileges. <br /> <br />I will not download or use programs that are not approved for <br />instructional use such as videos, games or music. <br />