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OCDSB 122 (February 2018) 1 <br />OCDSB 122: Parental Consent for Trip Participation <br />RETAIN THIS PAGE (PAGE 1) FOR YOUR INFORMATION. <br />PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN THE ATTACHED PAGE (PAGE 2). <br /> School: Lead Trip Supervisor/Teacher: <br /> Date of Field Trip: Rain Date: <br /> Class/Subject Area: Activity: <br /> Risk Associated with the Activity: Educational Purpose of Field Trip: <br />Departure <br />Time: <br />Transportation details: <br />To: <br />Return <br />Time: <br />Transportation details: <br />Place: <br /> Contact Phone: <br />In case of late return or other inquiries <br />Contact Name: <br />Cost per Student: $ is due by: <br />Requirements for Field Trip Participants: <br />Lunch/Snack: <br />Special Clothing/Equipment: <br />Other: <br />Principal Signature: Date: