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<br />The “crash bag” is a large sports/hockey bag that is to be located in the school’s main office. In the event of an <br />emergency, the office staff members know that they must take the bag with them when they leave the office. <br /> <br />Sample Contents of the School Crash Bag <br />(Each school should add or delete as is site appropriate) <br /> <br />Item Details/Comments <br />Blankets 2 lightweight blankets <br />First Aid Kit <br />4 Burn Dressings <br />Standard St John Ambulance issue <br />Megaphone and extra batteries Do not store the batteries in the megaphone <br />Elevator key To allow police or fire department to access the elevator in the event <br />they cannot get the key from the main office <br />Fluorescent vests for the traffic <br />wardens <br />Four vests: Students are told that in the event of an emergency they <br />should look for directions from the individuals wearing these vests <br />Detailed floor plans Laminated floor plans of the school showing all fire information <br />including sprinkler locations control panels etc. <br />Detailed Site plan <br />Video cassette of interior and exterior <br />of building <br /> <br />List of students with medical <br />conditions <br /> <br />List of hazardous chemicals List of chemicals stored in the chemistry storage area <br />Map of chemical storage Map showing chemical storage for science chemicals <br />Map of other chemical storage areas Laminated map showing areas of the school where chemicals like <br />cleaning supplies are stored <br />3 Flashlights Check batteries regularly <br />Student timetable locator list Should be updated regularly <br />Alpha list of students addresses and <br />phone numbers <br />Should be updated regularly <br />Alpha student list by homeroom Should be updated regularly <br />Cellular phone Cellular phone is left very close to, but not in, the bag. Check/charge <br />batteries regularly. <br />Staff list with emergency contact #s Update each term as required. <br />Media response Critical phone numbers. <br /> <br /> <br />Note: Master keys, for the use of the fire or police depar tments in the event they need to enter the school to do a <br />search during an emergency, can be accessed through the office of Dr. Petra Duschner, Manager of Safe <br />Schools, as well as Physical Facilities. <br /> <br /> <br />Template designed by West Carleton High School and used as an example with permission.