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OCDSB 640: International Field Trip/Student Group Exchange Pre-Trip Approval <br />Trip Title: Date Submitted: <br />School:School Phone: <br />Lead Trip Supervisor/Teacher(s):Number of school days affected: <br />Purpose of Field Trip/Subject/Extra- <br />curricular: <br />Accommodations: <br />Hotel, hostel, school dormitory or other <br />accommodation as a group <br />Billeting with informed consent <br />Tour Organizer <br />Departure <br />Date: <br />Time: <br />Via: <br />To: <br />Return <br />Date: <br />Time: <br />Via: <br />To: <br />Proposed travel route/additional destinations: <br />In case of late return or other inquiries <br />Contact: Phone: <br />Learning Activities (provide specific details, including time blocks): <br />Contact Information: