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<br />EMPLOYEE WSIB INFORMATION PACKAGE – WORKPLACE INJURY <br />You must immediately report any workplace accident, incident or hazard to your Supervisor. <br />Obtain first aid or medical treatment, as needed. <br /> Immediately complete the Online Accident Report with your Supervisor and participate in the accident <br />investigation. <br /> Review the enclosed documents. If you require health care, please take the Letter to the Health Care <br />Professional and the Functional Abilities Report (FAF) to your health care professional and ask for this <br />report to be completed? Your capabilities, restrictions, and duration of restrictions, must be indicated on <br />the FAF, otherwise it will be considered incomplete. <br /> Please note the WSIB requires you to be under the care of one of the follow regulated health <br />professional; Physician, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Nurse Practitioner, and to actively participate in <br />treatment to promote recovery. <br />Return the FAF to your Supervisor at the OCDSB and fax the FAF to Employee Wellness & <br />Disability Management (EW&DM) to confidential fax # 613-596-8798, within 24 hours of receiving <br />medical attention. <br /> The OCDSB can offer you safe, suitable transitional modified work based on the FAF information or <br />WSIB standard medical precautions. <br /> Once medical information has been received, the EW&DM will report your claim to the Workplace Safety <br />& Insurance Board (WSIB). <br /> Contact your Supervisor to provide an update of your doctor’s recommendations and continue to make <br />contact at agreed upon intervals. <br /> When medically required, participate in transitional modified duties discussions. Employee Wellness <br />along with the WSIB will work with you to ensure early and safe return to work. The WSIB may request <br />meetings during this return to work process. <br /> Upon return to work, update your Supervisor and EW&DM regularly in order to ensure your work is <br />successful for you. <br /> Work within your medical precautions to a full recovery and call EW&DM if work issues should arise. <br />Failure to follow this process may interfere with WSIB legislative provisions. <br />Attached: Letter to Employee <br /> Letter for Health Care Professional <br /> Functional Abilities Form for Timely Return to Work <br /> <br />